About Us

We are a risk consulting company that develops best practices in risk management by introducing, piloting and perfecting innovative processes in large and complex employer environments. These processes are transferable to all size employers.

We are rooted in partnerships with university research & development to stay on the forefront of risk innovation in addressing industry’s most challenging and pressing issues.

Research Partners
Collaborative Risk Studies in Partnership with Millersville University and Oakland University
Our Services

  • Risk System Design
  • Executive Risk Resources
  • Risk Coaching & Mentoring

  • Our expertise is with both traditional and enterprise risk management.
    Risk System Design
    RIG provides structure to risk platforms by applying logic to risk assessment processes, structure to the 3 lines of defense and identity and branding that promotes transparency, buy-in and engagement from all stakeholders. Designs are built to permeate business silos, politics and other obstacles to drive results that align with the organization’s vision & mission.

    Executive Risk Resources
    This service provides dedicated resources to risk leaders behind the scenes to enable them to operate strategically. As risk professionals are managing the day-to-day tactical, RIG will provide executive support towards the continuous improvement of the risk system’s design. RIG ‘s success is measured by risk professionals introducing innovative processes that exceed goals and impact results.

    Risk Placement & Mentoring
    This unique service combines new hires with risk executive mentoring. Your new hire is fully supported behind the scenes in best-in-class processes and innovative approaches. As new hires move on an accelerate path to risk leadership, your program has access to resources founded in strategic platforms and enterprise risk principles.

    Workers’ Compensation
    RIG brings innovation to workers’ compensation (WC) programs. WC is one of the most complex areas in an organization’s enterprise and is the perfect landing spot to design a risk system. As this system is built and results realized, the platform will shape the risk culture and is robust enough to expand to the enterprise.

    Enterprise Risk Management
    Most companies only apply risk principles to hazard risk associated with insurance programs and miss the opportunity to transition valuable concepts to their most important business processes. RIG uses a land and expand process to impact organizational efficiency and results.
    Do you manage risk?
    We can help you...

    • identify & prioritize areas of risk
    • allocate resources to effectively manage risk
    • develop an organizational risk culture
    How We Do It

    We provide behind the scenes support to help those responsible for risk to operate strategically and function as risk design architects.

    We introduce foundational concepts that support design thinking, strategic approaches and enterprise risk processes.

    Our Commitment
    Our commitment is to "consult and coach" the strategic design and implementation of risk systems that impact the employer's risk financials and moves people to action through strong organizational culture.

    Our Values
    Promote unconventional thinking, challenge long-held beliefs and processes that are no longer working, and support risk innovation.

    Our Vision
    Make an industry impact through on-going university research & collaborative studies that promote continuously improving practices.

    Our Mission
    To support those responsible for risk in operating strategically and making broader connections to impact their organizations.
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    Founder & President
    Risk Innovation Group

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